DelMonte at the Junction

DelMonte at the Junction

FEC202 Jul 22, 2016

202 by mp236 at 5:47 with 812 & 814. One of Fort Pierce's finest stopped in an unmarked
car inquiring what we are doing as he has observed for awhile. Told him watching trains,
as he indicated there was one coming and I stated that was what we were waiting for.
Asked him his name, to which he answered Bill. I introduced myself and pointed to
Caboose, then proceeded to tell him to inquire with Damian Spotts who knows all of us
local railfans, plus works the Toys for Tots train and used to do the 253. Hopefully we
have gained another friend! 
202 had NSB set out first, IM and one lonely hopper as caboose.
Meeting 101 at Palm Bay.
Anita and Caboose

FEC202Jul 22, 2016 vid link:

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