DelMonte at the Junction

DelMonte at the Junction

FEC202 Jul 6, 2016

202 by mp236 at 5:11 with 819 & Pink Lady 425 for Larry. Tommy saluting graciously
and scooping in my kisses as the sparklers blaze away. Rock, tubs, lots of IM plus
double stacks and long string of racks on the bottom led by a BNSF pumpkin. Also had
a Ferromex red stripe and a KCS jumbo articulated. 
Meeting 101 at Bougard.
Took 7-8 minutes to go by. Guessing a slow order between us and Bougard.
As Caboose put it, rocks, stacks and racks. No piggies.

FEC202 Jul 6, 2016 vid link:

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